The people of Groton Congregational are our ministers. These are the people who serve them.
Reverend Shawn R. Fisher

Reverend Shawn R. Fisher


Pastor Shawn was raised in Hartford, Connecticut and earned his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Economics from the University of Connecticut.  Shawn then had a successful private sector career working in roles ranging from strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, operations, and finance. Later he specialized in company start-ups, turn-around efforts and cultural transformation.  Shawn was recognized as an Innovation Champion and Culture Transformation Leader and won the Presidents Award for exceptional leadership.

Shawn and his wife Linda have been married for 19 years and they have a wonderful 15 year-old-son Garrett, two dogs – Polar and Jenni – and a cat named Scooter.

Shawn has traveled extensively throughout the United States and many countries throughout the world, including humanitarian work with his family in several countries in Africa.  Shawn has an extensive record of public service and in 2013, was awarded the Community Service Award for the Town of Marlborough.

Over time, Shawn began to feel a growing push to move into ministry – ultimately leaving the corporate world to enter ministry full time.  Shawn graduated from Hartford Seminary and began serving as the Pastor and Teacher of Groton Congregational Church in 2015.

In his own words, “I believe it is important for us all to be aware of the world around us, to appreciate its importance, and to be held accountable for making real peace and justice present, now, here, on Earth.  I believe in the power of choices and that choices matter.  Yet, no matter what our past choices have been, we are offered a chance to return to the loving arms of our God, to start on a New Way, and in that process, transform ourselves into who God dreams we can be.”

Shawn also writes, records and performs original music and has produced four albums.  The most recent, “My Call” is his first fully Christian Contemporary album.

When asked about some of his thoughts on faith, Shawn said, “I believe that God is real, God is good, and that God wants us to be well.  God intends for us to be able to have meaning and purpose in our lives and to have the opportunity to fulfill bringing the Kingdom of God into this world.  I believe the world and all that is in it is interconnected physically and spiritually.  I believe that the primary reason there is lack of fulfillment in any person’s life is following a path that leads them away from God’s dreams for them – whether through their own choices, their circumstances, or some combination of both.  I believe that God loves us and always offers us the opportunity to return and find fulfillment and joy and love as we strive to follow The Way of Jesus.”

“He stands as one of the outstanding preachers of this time…and the kind of leadership that will comfort the seasoned parishioners, excite the mature and challenge the youth.”

“He’s young, energetic and has a passion for God and God’s people.”

“Shawn Fisher is a person who has been blessed abundantly with many gifts for ministry.”


Sue Blaisdell

Sue Blaisdell

Administrative Assistant

Sue Blaisdell has been a member of Groton Congregational since 1998.  After working in the corporate sector for 22 years, she was a stay at home mom for four years.

As the Administrative Assistant to the Pastor her skills set includes organization, attention to detail, creativity, care, confidentiality, and also a spiritual connection to God.  She also supports her fellow staff members, the Moderator, Clerk of the Church and any committee that requires the support of the church office.  She has served as the Administrative Assistant since 2002.

Susanne Stottlemyer

Susanne Stottlemyer

Director of Music

Having served as Director of Music for almost 20 years at Groton Congregational Church, Sue is committed to present the most inspirational and appropriate music for worship every Sunday.  Groton Congregational has Youth Singers, an inter-generational Alpha and Omega Handbell Choir, and a Senior Choir.  Dedicated and faithful musicians participate in worship services throughout the year.  All are welcome to practice with us on Thursday evenings, except for the summer.  A “pick-up” choir practices and sings Sunday mornings throughout the summer months.

Sue is a lifelong keyboard player and for the past twenty years, a dedicated and trained organist.  As a member of the American Guild of Organists, she is committed to preserving the use of our beautiful Moeller pipe organ for worship and encouraging young musicians to become organists.

Music is very important at Groton Congregational.  It helps create an atmosphere for meaningful worship.

Lisa Lambert

Lisa Lambert

Director of Christian Education

We are pleased to introduce our new Christian Education Director, Lisa Lambert.  Lisa has been educating students in our community for 20 years.  She is a 6th grade math teacher in the Groton Public School’s system.  She loves teaching and modeling lessons to meet the individual needs of her students and uses an activities based approach to learning to ensure her students create their own models for understanding.  Lisa is compassionate, understanding, and dedicated to education.

Lisa has been happily married for 18 years and has four children.  She and her family have been active members of the church congregation for sixteen years.  Lisa has also been a member of the Christian Education Committee, a military wife for 20 years, and is the Treasurer of Groton Little League.  She is very excited to step into her new role and work with your children.

Each Sunday during Sunday School, she will focus instruction on following the ways of Jesus and teaching children how to be active followers in their own lives.  Lessons will be activity based so that children will be able to share them with their families and the congregation.  Her lessons will also involve reaching beyond the church and tapping into community resources.  The main goal will be to have fun and the share the wisdom about Jesus.

Rachel Measimer

Rachel Measimer

Youth Group Director

Growing up in the church, Rachel is excited to give back by creating and running the youth group. The youth group meets weekly, with an event once a month. Rachel is here to help the youth grow in faith and encourages them to question and challenge scripture and support them along their journey. She creates a fun learning environment for grades 8 through 12.