Our Story

Explore our 300 year history

Second Meetinghouse026

1684 – Captain James Avery petitioned the General Court in Hartford to establish a Congregational Church in Groton.  His petition was denied.

1696 – Captain Avery’s son Lt. James Avery repetitioned the General court to establish a separate congregation in Groton which was granted.

1702 – First Church of Christ, Congregational of Groton, Connecticut was established.

1703 the town built the First Meeting House in Center Groton near the crossroads

1760 – The Second Meeting House was built near Pleasant Valley.  Known as the Kinne or Black Meeting House.

1781 – The Battle of Groton Heights at Fort Griswold rendered most of the male members of the congregation injured or killed.

Third Meetinghouse027

1833 – The Third Meeting House was built on Thames Street

The Congregation remained on Thames Street until the current Meeting House was built

The Present Meeting House

The Present Meeting House

1902 -The Present Meeting House was built at the corner of Monument and Meridian Streets

The Congregation has celebrated its Bicentennial and Tricentennial celebrations in the current meeting house

The Avery Memorial Window in the west wall of the church was erected in memory of Capt. James Avery

The building has five stained glass windows, one of which was designed and assembled at Tiffany Studios in New York

SkyWe aspire to leverage the strength of our history with a vision for the future that allows for real growth in ourselves and meaningful impact in the community.  Here is just a bit of what we aspire to be:

Relevant – we are committed to providing inspiring opportunities for personal and spiritual growth for those who are part of our congregation and to being an important and impactful resource for the community and the world.

Current – We believe that God is Still Speaking and that we are called to act in this world, not one from the past.  While we have a storied history and a strong stone structure, we strive for our thinking to be fresh and relevant for today’s challenges and for nothing to be set in stone.  We aspire to have the spirit move freely and for people to have the opportunity to encounter God and to grow in that relationship in many wonderful ways.

Inspirational and Aspirational – we strive to inspire each other in the wonderful potential of what is possible as individuals and as a community and to consistently stretch ourselves to aspire to greater and greater things.

Active – We believe that faith is supposed to be active.  Some of that takes place in our worship.  Most of that takes place once worship is over and we are called to live and act in the world.

Open – We welcome diversity in many ways.  We believe that “No matter who you are, or where you are in life’s journey, you are welcome here.”