The people of Groton Congregational are our ministers. These are the people who serve them.

Bridge Pastor

Susanne Stottlemyer

Susanne Stottlemyer

Director of Music

Having served as Director of Music for almost 20 years at Groton Congregational Church, Sue is committed to present the most inspirational and appropriate music for worship every Sunday.  Groton Congregational has Youth Singers, an inter-generational Alpha and Omega Handbell Choir, and a Senior Choir.  Dedicated and faithful musicians participate in worship services throughout the year.  All are welcome to practice with us on Thursday evenings, except for the summer.  A “pick-up” choir practices and sings Sunday mornings throughout the summer months.

Sue is a lifelong keyboard player and for the past twenty years, a dedicated and trained organist.  As a member of the American Guild of Organists, she is committed to preserving the use of our beautiful Moeller pipe organ for worship and encouraging young musicians to become organists.

Music is very important at Groton Congregational.  It helps create an atmosphere for meaningful worship.

Rachel Candee

Rachel Candee

Youth Group Director

Growing up in the church, Rachel is excited to give back by creating and running the youth group. The youth group meets weekly, with an event once a month. Rachel is here to help the youth grow in faith and encourages them to question and challenge scripture and support them along their journey. She creates a fun learning environment for grades 8 through 12.

Director of Christian Education